Bird Watching In Edmonton From Your RV

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Bird Watching In Edmonton From Your RV

4 November 2015
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The Edmonton area is one of the best areas in Canada for bird watching year-round. Because the town is located on the edge of a boreal forest, a wide range of birds -- including hawks, waterfowl, woodpeckers and redpolls -- may be seen. Bird watching is so popular in the area that the Edmonton Nature Club boasts the highest number of participants of any circle in the Christmas Bird Count. RV parks are no strangers to birds and bird watching and campers can easily participate with a couple considerations to keep in mind.

Bird watching essentials:

Because your RV may have limited space, you probably don't want to load up with a lot of equipment or books. All bird watchers should have a pair of decent binoculars, a camera with a zoom or telephoto lens and at least one good, comprehensive field guide for North American birds. If you have room, you may want to consider a scope and tripod and a sound recorder. Many DSLRs already come with a video function, so there's no reason to buy a separate video camera unless you plan on doing professional-quality documentaries. A space-saving computer tablet is also useful and there are apps for submitting your sightings to sites like eBird.

Finding birds:

The first and easiest place to look for birds is right in the park. Many species, such as jays, magpies, hummingbirds, boreal chickadees and purple finches are comfortable around people. Cedar and bohemian waxwings can be seen high in the trees and nuthatches can be seen scurrying up and down tree trunks. Though birds vary from season to season, there should always be birds around. The best time for observing birds is during the migration seasons in the late spring and early fall. If allowed, place a bird feeder from your RV to watch birds from your window or camping space. Check with the park's administrators about any nature or birding walks. If that is not possible, the Edmonton Nature Club lists many activities, including bird watching, throughout the year on their website.

Edmonton is a great place to celebrate nature and birds at any time of year. Though you may be limited on space for equipment, traveling by RV gives you the flexibility to move around to find different species of birds. It also allows you to stay comfortably in one place long enough to make full observations. You may find other residents of the park who are bird watching enthusiasts and can offer tips on rare or hard-to-locate birds. Look into surrounding RV parks, such as Longriders RV Park, to see which one is best for you.