Summer Camp Essentials Your Child Needs

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Some of my best childhood memories were made while out camping with my family. Now that I am grown and have a family of my own, I want to create some of those fond memories with them. How do you take three little kids out in the woods and have them enjoy themselves? Sure, I have one kids that loves to get all muddy and play outdoors, but my other two kids don't like that as much. If you have kids that just don't like the outdoors, there are some things you can do to make camping a little more enjoyable for them.


Summer Camp Essentials Your Child Needs

4 October 2017
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Overnight summer camp is a joy for everyone. Your child gets to go to a new destination where they can meet challenges in nature and make some new friends. You and your spouse get to (finally) have some alone time in the house. Summer camp, essentially, is a win-win for everyone.

Before you send your child out the door with all the required items they need from their camp leaders, make sure you have other essentials to make their overnight stay more comfortable and fun. Here are some items you can slip in your child's camp pack to help make their experience amazing.

Disposable camera

Some summer camps don't allow mobile devices or other devices that require Internet to work (such as tablets or laptops). The goal of summer camp is to expose children to new environments and fun challenges, not to let them play on their phones all day.

So your child can record their favorite activities so they can cherish them until their adult years, pack a few disposable cameras in their bag. You will be as delighted as your child to see their photos and the fun they've had.

Favorite clothing

Does your young one have a favorite pair of pajamas or a shirt they wear every week? If so, make sure these precious and beloved items make it into their pack. These small reminders of home will create a large amount of comfort for those homesick days.

Family photos

Grab a few family photos and stuff them in your child's day pack with a small note of how much you love them. Your child will likely have forgotten to bring memories from home with them and will greatly appreciate the small tokens of love you send with them that they can put on display.

First aid

You know your child best, so customize their first aid kit with items you feel they will need. For instance, an anti-itch cream or additional sunscreen for sensitive skin may be something a traditional first aid kit will not contain. Perhaps your child only uses a certain type of bandage for small scrapes. While a first aid kit is often required for overnight camping and camp directors keep a large supply of first aid essentials with them, it's wise to customize your child's pack so they have the tools for care they prefer. Include a note with your child's first aid kit so adults who access it know how to administer the best care to your child.

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