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Some of my best childhood memories were made while out camping with my family. Now that I am grown and have a family of my own, I want to create some of those fond memories with them. How do you take three little kids out in the woods and have them enjoy themselves? Sure, I have one kids that loves to get all muddy and play outdoors, but my other two kids don't like that as much. If you have kids that just don't like the outdoors, there are some things you can do to make camping a little more enjoyable for them.


What Supplies Do You Need When Taking The Family Camping For The First Time?

12 May 2017
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If you've never been camping and you are planning on taking your family on a weekend excursion into the woods, then you need to be prepared. While you might have chosen a national park or state park and researched its accommodations, there are still things you will need to bring along. The site might have a bathroom, and some access to fresh water, but you are still going to want to bring along the necessary camping supplies so that you are prepared for your vacation in the semi-wilderness. Read More …